About SFS

At Staging for Sale, our goal is to create beautiful living spaces every time,. By working with the home or business owner and encouraging them through honest, compassionate consultation, evaluation and follow up to make the appropriate improvements to their space. We want to motivate every client that we work with, step by step to make their space the best it can be and ready to sell for the highest possible price in the least amount of time.

We want to bring a sense of harmony and colour balance throughout the space. As a professional staging company, we will create the best use of space with proper placement of furniture to allow good traffic flow, positive energy and will appeal to the widest range of potential buyers. You will appreciate our honest and meticulous assessment of every corner of every room.

Staging for Sale will hire only the most skilled trades-people to ensure each enhancement project is completed on time and with the greatest of quality, with respect to the property owner and their budget. Together we will establish a realistic path to complete all projects necessary to improve the look of the space and will aim to increase the value of the property. By creating a living space that is clean, open, peaceful and inviting through good use of balance, and functionality, we can achieve the highest potential for profit every time.

Staging for Sale aspires to be a dependable partner in all areas of staging. Whether it's to prepare a house for sale, combine households with different and distinct styles into one cohesive living space or simply to give a mini-facelift in your home or office. We want to be the staging company to rely on for the most effective results.

My name is Sheila Grosso and as the owner of Staging for Sale, I see every project as an opportunity to forge lasting relationships while truly improving the value of the property. I love the perfection - the attention to detail with a passion for colour and design.